I hate smartphones.

Smartphones have made many a time that I had less boredom when shit that I sidings still caught, because I knew I must hurry and that I was able to consult with a group of people to have to call individually without any. Last but not least I also use the Twitter client very intense and uncle Maps question, if I threaten to run me. And deflection by the minicomputer is anyway always better than dealing with the sheep herd in the S-Bahn. And yet, I’ve started this, penetrating than any Tamagotchi to hate calling attention to things.

A screen for a plurality of apps

As it was still only WhatsApp, this criticism was certainly less significant, but now have accumulated on my smartphone Telegram, Threema, kik messenger, Viber and Voxer and slowly it is then but a bit much. Especially since I still write the way via Google Hangouts with my closest friends. Maybe it sounds at first after complaining on a high level of, but in spite Quad Core processor, it takes several seconds until the app is closed and the other one is open. That is alone by switching between the messengers valuable time is lost that could be used sensibly. Apart from that I have to constantly remember who has now written where and at the end again see through kik for mac, because it could be that I missed a message and now someone is mad because I’m twittering yes, but apparently no time have to answer a simple question. That’s just pure stress. This may perhaps not be regarded as Teen – at least I saw it 10 years ago (Nokia Communicator)) significantly different, but now that my professional life has packed and I do not spend more hours in front of electronic media, it is really hard on me, every human being, whether digital or analog learned to cope.

Of course I will submit myself unwillingly, so I am doing this stress is not usually what then but mostly it ends, the people are pissed off and think they’re not important to me. That the day has only 24 hours, you forget just once quickly.

Why think when Google has in the bag?

I’m about to become a civil engineer on the way and I really should head right can add up. But what ever, if I do all the time – contrary to what my math teacher always preached at that time – a calculator in your pocket have? Even the everyday questions you ergooglet quickly and because this option is always available, can the knowledge ergoogelte also conveniently forget it, after all, the result is indeed loaded faster next time, thanks cache. )

Battery empty, and nu?

Why I only write this article and therefore my biggest hate point in smartphones is the battery. Is this a once empty, it is yet to be stuck straight. Suddenly there are strangers around you that, because you’re just not acting very busy one, and could not respond. And who to tell, how shit that looked and what they have asked oh so stupid, when the uplink to Twitter does not work?

Instead of this, you may be very familiar, reaction I put my smartphone in the current case just once in the pocket and not withdrawn. Surely the latter would have been rather pointless, but at least what would previously not stop me from taking a panacea again in the hand and annoyed and disappointed groan, because the screen remains blank when I press the power button. Imagine, instead, I looked this agonizingly long 10-minute train ride over from the window and I hardly dare me to say it, but I’m afraid I’ve even thought about it. Ghastly, is not it?

How can the whole escape permanently?

So now my blog entries are so far away from any guides and tutorials, actually I only write what I think and I am happy when reading a shit and place. Or alternatively well. )

Personally, I flee from the dictatorship of my smartphone the hard way: I ignore it. Before that, I told everyone who does not read this blog here (so really everyone;)) that I ignore him not, but my phone from time to time and hope that he does not feel pissed off when I still tweet with this tool and how do I avoid that I absolutely verdumme is so obvious: Same thinking and mental arithmetic, rather than assign these responsibilities to a computer. If I think it through – and I presume – my battery will hold in the near future a lot longer.

Hey, where you take my humble opinion ever note, you tell me no matter how you react, if you will not answer immediately, but you can see that the person who should really respond to is running on a different channel. I would be delighted. )


But how do I react when someone does not reply to a private message twitters depends on the declaration and the personal relationship.

If you told me that you sometimes ignored from and to the phone, that’s fine. If what is really really important, I call you to stop. Otherwise, I wait patiently and remember, if necessary, after a few days again to my message.

With a tighter personal relationship, however, the period of patient waiting is shorter. Not because I so want this but because it is so easy. Finally, I answer to the people who stand me always write my personal priority list after and in a close personal relationship, it is hoped the others, too high on this list.

Data theft case EBay, vulnerability in Internet Explorer

Data theft on eBay

Towards the end of last week, eBay has reported that attackers could penetrate into a database, the user names, encrypted passwords, email addresses, postal addresses, telephone numbers and dates of birth contains. Since on the compromised server encrypted passwords were stored, eBay will force all users in the coming days and weeks to change your password. If you do, you should definitely go directly to the eBay page and do not click on a link in an e-mail or social networks.

The reason for this is that the stolen information can give attackers enough opportunities for phishing attacks. Because it cybercriminals like to use such information to create phishing emails that claim to come from eBay (or other legitimate online business). These emails usually contain links that lead the user to a real-looking side, which in reality is however harmful.

There, the user should then be brought to disclose his login information.

And as always the Note: If you have your eBay password used for other online accounts, you should also change the password there.

It is interesting that the eBay burglary was made public after the beginning of the week have been reported dealers and companies who want to enter into partnerships to share threat data as a result of data theft at the American supermarket chain Target. Here, the participating companies want to talk about attacks to which they are facing in order to protect themselves better together can.

By the way, the end of the week was also published a study is presented in the companies being better protect against data thefts One must wait and see whether the degree of eBay slump, made possible by compromised login data of employees, support this assertion or will contradict it.

Zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer

The good news here is that the newly discovered vulnerability only the Internet Explorer 8, an old version of browser concerns. The bad news is that Microsoft is not sure when there will be an update that fixes the security hole. However, the company has recognized the seriousness of the bug and is working on a solution.

Without getting too technical, a brief explanation: The new zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer For Mac that could allow an attacker to execute malicious code on vulnerable computers. For this he would use a so-called “drive-by downloads or malicious attachments in emails. In a drive-by-download the attacker adds a malware on a website. The user comes with a vulnerable browser on this page, the computer is infected with malware.

But what can you do against this danger, except go to a newer version of Internet Explorer? Unfortunately, not much, but there are three things: Be careful when you surf with the browser on the Internet, be wary of e-mail attachments and install definitely the next security patches from Microsoft as they are published (when you get your updates automatically, you do not need to worry about the last point). These rules should be followed basically by any user.

Iris recognition

There was not all bad and alarming news. Samsung has announced plans to integrate biometric sensors, such as eye scanners, in the future more and more products. The company claims that this feature will be available even in the cheaper devices.

The safety of Samsung devices would be strengthened and the technology could eventually be integrated into the Samsung Security System Knox reportedly even.

It will be interesting whether the iris recognition will be less vulnerable to attacks against, as the fingerprint authentication

Current special message

While I put together the news view, appear currently reports that the Outlook app for Android contains an encryption error, can be disclosed by the e-mails and attachments contained therein for attackers. More information can be found here, but we will discuss it in the monthly podcast.

The usual patches

As always, there are also some patches and updates that you should install. Last week, 23 vulnerabilities were closed, for example, in Google’s Chrome browser, three of them are even high-risk errors. So if you use Chrome and do not let browser updates install automatically, you should download and install as soon as possible the current update.








7 Quick And Easy Tips On How To Take An Awesome Selfie

snapchat for pcIn the age of social networks around the world post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat for pc and all other emerging social networks. Celebrities like Kim K and Rihanna on ordinary normal people like me … The year 2013, the year the selfie. And it seems selfies will soon disappear as Yahoo Ferro estimated 800 billion photos will be taken in 2014 Yes, you read that right … billions!
So how can you make a stunning selfie? For most smartphones have this thing flip-camera-to-front, has become much easier, but here are some great tips to get the best auto ever.
1 I Look Good
If you just roll out of bed and still have the sleepers in the eyes and a pillow indented pattern on the front, it’s probably not the best time to send a selfie. Make sure you look decent. Comb your hair, on some make-up and check yourself out. You can of course always take the photo if you see your hair is out of place, or if your lipstick smeared all over her face, but why waste your time, do it right the first time.
2 |Background thinking
We have all selfies, where not even care about the person in it as the background is seen a lot more interesting … laundry, empty alcohol bottles, dirty bathroom, dirty rooms. All synthesis will kill your shot, and I do not mean “killin ‘it”, as in a good way. What is behind you? How is it on the picture? A good background can make or break a professional portrait and the same goes for selfies so check what is behind and go for solid colors, cool textures and patterns, the city or countryside blurred scenes or anything else that is fun and interesting but not overloaded. Do you want the background, not lost in him to blow.
3 | Lights, Camera, Action
Lighting is everything in photography. Make sure it is well lit, but at the same time avoid bright light thatwill leave shadows on her face. Try using natural light: the light is in heaven act as makes a huge, fantastic diffuse through a window or a photo outdoors on a cloudy day cloud your features look softer Hotels and attractive, while quiet well lit
4| Remove
Each portrait, wedding photo, or anything you see in a magazine has to be retouched and edited. So do not be afraid to be creative and have a filter on it. There are many applications and editing software out there, so use them! Filter can make your photo more interesting, look better and in general, you are awesome. That in itself is not an exaggeration! How to cut a spot or hide something from the picture is great, but his face soft to the point that it seems that Barbie overdose Botox is a no-no.
5 | The right angle
Avoid unflattering angles. Take a picture from the top will usually do the trick. If you’ve ever taken a professional portrait, you mighthave photographer had to tell you tuck your chin to avoid double chin. What I really want to do is put the forehead and chin. It can feel strange and uncomfortable, but stretch the skin of the face and neck and hidden pudginess the dreaded double chin. Therefore, as squint a little. And by a little I mean a little, I do not know how you try, something can be seen. Have you heard of the famous phrase Tyra Banks “smizing” belongs? That’s exactly what you do … Smile with your eyes want.
6 | Stupid Duck
Of all the above mentioned tips, this is the Chapultepec. Have a good time! Stupid, stupid and lots of fun with it. Scrape all the advice above and just having a blast with it. Make crazy duck face, hold your tongue, put on a fake mustache, beautiful. BE ON TIME! That is, what is the selfie, after all, capture stunning moment in time and share them with the world. So do not take themselves too seriously and come out and show your best selfie!
7 | When all else fails
Call your local portrait photographer (like me) and do invest in a portrait session, you love and remember forever … awwwww;-)

Messaging apps most downloaded on Android in July

War programs messaging free or not rages on Android. The latest report from App Annie , a specialist in the analysis of mobile data reported on the most downloaded apps this area in July.

While Android is an open operating system, and it becomes increasingly hegemonic in the market for smartphones (OS team 80% of phones sold last generation in the second quarter according to IDC ), competition among developers is increasingly exacerbated for messaging software.

Proof is on the ten most downloaded apps on Google Play last July, six belong to this category. Some of them were more oriented video and social networking origin but now all tend to develop a system of communication universal. For example, earlier this month, is WhatsApp (a system of free texting) who began to voice mail .

Every country in the world seems so captivated by a different app: Kakao Japan Line in India, WeChat China, Argentina WhatsApp, etc.

The top 10 most downloaded apps (not games) in July on Android

For France, Facebook Messenger, Skype , Viber and Chaturbate Hack dominate the market.

The 5 essential games on smartphone and tablet in 2013

VIDEO GAMES – Here are five games for smartphone and tablet that marked the year 2013 If you missed it do not have more than a few days to fix the error.

Smartphones and tablets are, for many users, primarily portable gaming. Our little top 5 applications that need to have played before finishing the year.

Candy Crush Saga
A year after its launch, the publisher King.com claimed over 150 games played in the world. The goal of the game if you do not already know: align identical candy tea so they disappear and give way to the next. THE phenomenon of 2013 .
Free – iOS – Android – Facebook

Real Racing 3
With over 85 million downloads worldwide, Real Racing 3 is a real phenomenon. Get behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Veneno or McLaren P1 and compete with other players online. The running game that must be played on mobile. The game also has plenty of Real Racing 3 Cheats to help you along the way
Free – iOS – Android

Plant vs Zombies 2
The plants they arrive to stop the hordes of zombies pounding on homes? It will be fast and above all to think carefully to eliminate all opponents. From December 24 to 30 gifts can be discovered in the game.
Free – iOS – Android

Rayman Fiesta Run
Following the excellent Rayman Jungle Run. 75 levels through which Rayman must run, jump, hover, fly, hit to pick up bonus amount and dodge opponents cohorts. It’s beautiful and taking speed as we like.
2.69 euros – iOS – Android

Assassin’s Creed Pirates
Direction the 18th century and the world’s pirates. The player here Alonzon Batilla young captain who sets out to conquer the seas. In this action-strategy game with lots of dialog between two phases of combat on the high sea. Graphically gorgeous game.
4.49 euros – iOS – Android


iphone-FacetimeThe FaceTime application is one of the star features of the iPhone 4. But it is limited to the extent that the smartphone must be connected to a WiFi spot for the application to be usable. We thought the 3G band was not sufficient to meet the requirements of video conferencing or operators were not very favorable to such an intensive use of their bandwidth. Certain statements in S. Jobs had also suggest that this was more of a “problem” with the operators and therefore bandwidth usage. 3G networks are in fact saturated because of their success. But recent developments jailbreak http://facetime-forpc.com/ iPhone 4 did not wait for the authorization of operators to use the full warehouse 3G network.
Indeed so far, once jailbroken iPhone 4 lost functions Facetime and MMS, it is not longer the case. And again, we can use Facetime with the only 3G network without the need to connect to a WiFi spot. Sacred snub to Apple and operators.


You can now get a version of Facetime for PC so you are no longer limited to using the app of an iphone!! To find out more about the pc version, visit the Facetime PC homepage

Minion Rush codes, friends, cheats and tips for Android and iOS (Despicable Me)

4951cfa3-ed46-44c8-be89-ce55e2c092baAbout Minion Rush codes, friends, cheats and tips and tricks for the app. The Endless Runner Minion Rush still is one of the most popular apps for Android and iOS and it will remain so for quite a while on the current appearance. The Despicable Me Minion Rush App is the game to the hit animated movie called I just incorrigible. The developers from Gameloft put on but no new armored gameplay, which can be quite impressive. The show not only the millions of download numbers but also the countless good reviews for the app, which it has received in recent weeks.

One would have the gameplay of Minion Rush comparing it with another app, then it would certainly Temple Run 2 or Subway Surfers are best suited. So you better come through the levels of the Minion Rush app and as many bananas and collects all achievements unlock, we have you summarized in this article some tips that will surely continue to bring you.

Minion Rush Tips

Here we have given you some Minion Rush tips and some information about alleged Minion Rush Hack. You can send in you participate in this article on the comments if you want that and good tips for the app you who are here not to be found.

Basically, you should in Minion Rush concentrated as possible to run through each level, because you are allowed to take no obstacles, some of them quite easily, but if you crashing and directly with an obstacle in one run, then the run is over and you must start over . Through the experience of bananas you can buy you in the shop additional items and other things. The bananas are practically the currency in the Despicable Me Minion Rush App. In addition to bananas, there are also brands, but this later.

Bananas and Gru brands

The already mentioned bananas you get in Despicable Me Minion Rush especially simply by playing. The bananas are distributed around the entire level and you can override this. The Gru brands are somewhat rarer and ever so easy to get. So you can come, for example, to further Gru brands, if you meet the daily tasks while under the Top 1000 comes from all players in Minion Rush.

For the top 1000 you get 150 marks, such as the Top 100 a total of 750 marks and of the top 10 brands in total in 1250.

Opponents and raid bosses in Despicable Me Minion Rush

When a run-in Minion Rush you get it emulate not only with numerous obstacles, but also with many opponents, and especially Endbossen. Here is the final boss in the app of course Gru, but you meet until the end. Furthermore, there is within the runs still small opponents, such as vectors or Meena. Here, the opponent can do in different ways and make the ground. On Vector you have, for example, throw small bombs and tap this.

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